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Glenn Martin voiced by Kevin Nealon is the father of the Martin's. His occupation is being a dentist and uses the RV as a mobile office.

Character BiographyEdit

Glenn was born and raised in a male whore house to a man named Rick "the dick gobbler" Martin. Eventually, he grew into the male hookin world with his mother. As a child Glenn never ate a SINGLE PUSSY. In his highschool years, he meets and falls in love with Jack. They eventually went to prison and got raped and then they had two gay kids. He is shown to be a devoted father, husband and hooker. In  Pilot he accidently raped his kids.

So he got a dickmobile. Now he is taking his family across America to spend more time together.....and continue to ass rape his son and dog.

Causing a whole lot of jealousy from his daughter.


He has extreme dad issues due to his father not raping him enough as he dosent want his mother to move on even though his dad died 15 years earlier. When he meets his mothers new boyfriend who was a big daddy. He shot him before he could steal her TV. He later finds out that they are invincable. He then becomes paranoid and in denial. Eventually, he walks in on his mother and her boyfriend having butt sex and their friends waiting for a turn to the white bitch during a party. He then decides to run like hell before he gets ass rapid then realizes it's not the kind of life he wants her to live so puts her in a retierment home, but later after understanding the situation he lets her out. White bitch ass beaten up by more big daddy's who were his mom's boyfriends. They were mostly mad because he let her out before they could steal her TV.

At another episode Glenn takes a Hampster and shoves it up his ass.

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