It's Jackie's (Catherine O'Hara) 40th birthday and her family are celebrating. Glenn (Kevin Nealon) gave Jackie a surprise. The Martin family went to the pub. There was a concert, The Bang Bangs (Chrissie Hynde). Jackie was getting wild, because she was a big fan. Bang Bangs are punk rock band in the 1980's. Jackie gets to sing with them.
Meanwhile, Conor (Peter Oldring) was trying to measure up his strength on a strength machine. But, he wasn't better, expect Wendy (Judy Greer). He tries to lift up a speaker, but he was weak. Wendy can lift it up.

Jackie begans to join the band. Glenn doesn't like it, because Jackie plays the concert inside the RV. Glenn became a house cleaner just like Jackie. He also baby-sitting the Evil Baby belongs to Red Devil. Jackie was busy, because she had a concert with The Bang Bangs. Conor was taking Physical Challenges with Wendy like wrestling. Glenn is not going to Jackie's concert. At the RV, he was drunk and he's got some advise from Courtney (Jackie Clarke).

So, Glenn went to the concert. A big problem for Jackie is: The old member of the Bang Bangs was back, because she had her ear drum fixed. They kicked Jackie out of the Band.

The next day, Jackie was upset. Glenn had a surprise for Jackie. He made a room for her in his dentist office, Jackie's Khackies. It's a room for Jackie to do chores. Jackie asked Glenn that where is the baby. The Baby was home with Red Devil.


  • (Last Lines)

Jackie: Uh, Glenn? Where's the baby?

(cut to Hell)

Red Devil: Ah, baby. I missed you so. I could eat you up.

(kisses the baby and ate it. The baby poppped out of Red Devil's stomach left with a hole)


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